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Compiling Errors

Jul 20, 2010 at 7:17 AM

I'm getting some errors when I try to compile the source code. I created a new XNA Windows application in Visual C# 2008 Express, and drag&dropped everything in the 'SilverArcade.SilverSprite' folder into my project. When I compile this, I get the errors

"The namespace 'SilverArcade.SilverSprite.Graphics' already contains a definition for 'SpriteList'"

and the same error for 'SpriteType', 'Sprite', 'DrawCommandQueue', 'DrawCommand', and 'DrawCommandType'

Not sure if I'm just doing something wrong or not.. this is the first time I've tried to compile an open source project like this so I'm not really sure what I'm doing tbh. I would just keep using the .dll files like I have in the past, but I read that the SoundEffect class is working with the latest source code and I REALLY want to use it since MediaPlayer won't play more than one sound at a time. Any help is much appreciated!

Aug 13, 2010 at 8:01 AM

Oh laudy laudy.. SoundEffect class totally works. I thought that SoundEffect was WAV-only and so I didn't think SilverSprite worked with the class, but changing the 'Content Processing' option in Visual Studio lets MP3 files load into a SoundEffect object. So.. nvm on this post I guess lol