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Help ExEn Project (xna for iphone, android and silverlight) and you'll be helping SilverSprite

Jan 11, 2011 at 4:19 PM

Good morning everybody! yesterday i was surfing the web looking for how to migrate a xna game to android, and i found ExEN (

ExEN is  is an implementation of a subset of the Microsoft XNA Framework API that runs on iPhone and Silverlight. It is based on XnaTouch and SilverSprite – but most of the important bits have been rewritten – most importantly the rendering, audio, input and timing systems.

Here is what is currently supported:

  • Everything needed to make a 2D game
  • SpriteBatch for high performance sprite graphics and text rendering
  • Music and SoundEffect for audio
  • Mouse input on all platforms
  • Keyboard on Silverlight
  • The Game and GameComponent system
  • The ContentManager class for supported types
  • The Maths types and various miscellanea


Here’s what I plan to add as part of this project:

  • An Android Port
  • On-Screen Keyboard support for text-entry on mobile devices
  • Switching from XNA 3.1 to XNA 4.0
  • Write documentation
  • Fix a few minor bugs and missing features
  • Open source it!

It's a fork ok silversprite and xnatouch, a here's "why I (Andrew) Fork" and how can SilverSprite be helped! "ExEn is not brand-new code. It is effectively a fork of both SilverSprite and XnaTouch. So the question that a few people have asked me (particularly those involved in those projects) is why have I forked those projects, and not simply submitted patches?...Of course, once ExEn is open-source, there is nothing stopping SilverSprite or XnaTouch from taking whatever code they like from ExEn. In fact – I welcome and encourage it! For such substantial changes, this seems like a far better way of doing things for everybody."


And here Answering Some Concerns About ExEn

What did you said?